A crown of thorns we placed upon His head.
They pricked Him, cut His skin. He bled.
We beat Him, tormented Him, spit on Him, reviled Him.
We rejected him, cursed Him, accused Him, whipped Him.
Yet He did not condemn us. And He said,
“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

He carried His cross, a burden, up the hill.
We hung Him. His feet and hands we nailed.
We laughed at Him, chanted at Him, stripped Him, pierced Him.
We rejected Him, tormented Him, hurt Him, murdered Him.
Yet He still loves us. And He said,
“It is finished.” He bowed His head.

We broke the legs of the thieves on each side,
But we didn’t break Jesus, we pierced His side.
His blood with water was spilled on the ground,
And He died the king, with a thorny crown.

Joseph took Jesus from the cross;
Nicodemus covered Him with spices and cloth.
We carried Him to His grave in the garden;
There we laid Him so dead and lost.

Three days later God raised Jesus.
And because He lives, through Christ, God saves us.
And with great joy I wish to proclaim
That Jesus Christ is risen and reigns!

Oh! How I love God! Glory be to God!
Blessed be the Lord God! All praise to God!


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